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Aaron Thirn
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Once upon a time there was a young boy, named Aaron. This boy loved to play the piano and video games (SSB FTW am I right?). One day Aaron went out with his parents for breakfast. When he got there, he noticed paper and crayons on the table. He suddenly had the urge to draw something. He grabbed the red crayon, whipped it over to the sheet of paper and began to draw a red hat! He then grabbed the yellow crayon and drew a head and big nose!!! Then, he broke it! No worries, he grabbed the blue crayon and drew blue overalls!!!!!! And, not one, but TWO eyes!!! Finished!!! “Mom, look at what I-,“ the food came, so he ate! Then, he didn’t care about the picture… (It was a picture of Mario if you hadn't guessed by now) BUT, never the less… that day… there was a spark in his little eye. One, not two…. Just one. But when he grew into a teenager, he had two sparks in his eyes (That's one in each eye ball...) that had evolved into flames! Brown flames!!! Cuz his eyes are brown… Whatever. He drew over and over again: Realistic drawings and with pencil only!!! Because he didn't know what manga was, nor did he know about fine line markers yet. But then… he stopped. For 2 whole years. Not a single paper was covered in anything but letters of insignificance. Those two flames had drowned in a pool of water. There was nothing left to go home to. Piano was a pain, pencils were his enemy, and paper was scratchy and it felt weird. Kinda like a chalk board. Not a page was touched for creation in this dark, frightening, isolated, age. BUT WAIT!!! He signed up for an art class in the second semester of grade eleven though. He had very small experience with art recently and needed to practice to get to the top. The brown eyes turned into blue flamez “with a Z, cuz it’s awesome” and theoretically blue, cuz his eyes are still brown. Not to worry! (GOD! GIME BLUE/GREEN EYES, YA PIECE OF SHIT!) He went to his mother and asked for some art supplies that she had once use. He received lots of pencils he’s never seen before as well as markers and - get this - an eraser made out of sticky-tack kinda shyte, little did he know, this was called a kneaded eraser!!! And was in fact not sticky-tack!!! HOLY SHIT!!! Mind… blown... He drew, every day, and discovered the art of manga and illustration! “OMG, I just want to squish those cheeks! And cuddle up in a ball and role around like a spherical fuzzy object. It's adorable!!!” he often said, mainly to Hatsune Miku at the time (and now Rosalina and especially Luma). Yeah... Notice how people get bored of trivial shit... This is where his journey of manga began! Grade eleven, art class! He drew every day, and he would practice his skills as an artist to create a manga one day! Then, the perfect opportunity came up. His art class assignment, create an “Artist book.” Perfect, he thought (Aren't I so, very, excruciatingly, redundant to the point where you want to shoot someone?). He worked hard! He drew up to 3 pages and inked them everyday till he made a full manga. It was only 45 pages long, but who cares, it was his first manga, and an achievement! When school finished, he continued to draw, and recently found out about DeviantArt. He said, “lolz, why not” so he made a- … wait, who’s going to read all this nonsense lol. Derpa Derka DERK DERK! DERPA FUCKIN!!! DEEERRRRRR!!!!! :)


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greenrho Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  New Deviant
No problem I loved that Xayah pic she looks so cute. ^^
KuroDokuChi Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rakan is next! And then RAKAN AND XAYAH!
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KuroDokuChi Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry? I actually don't recall replying to this comment. I may have left my computer open to someone. Idk.

If you have any feedback, or things that you want to say, I will listen. 

Also, if you genuinely feel as if I am weird, I'd like to know why you think this.
laurapsycho Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2016
dude. i don't think you're weird.

i did this thing like six months ago where i was shitposting papyrus quotes on random people's profiles, and you were one of the lucky recipients!
KuroDokuChi Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh thanks lol

Bit of a relief 
KuroDokuChi Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uhuh? Proceed with your jibber jabber.
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Thank you for the watch! I really appreciate it!
I hope you'll continue to enjoy my art and help my new little DA account grow! <3
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Thanks for the watch^^ May the Force be with you icon crazy troopyou willl be see in my gallery something like thisFluttershy tongue Dancing girl H DxD Koneko booty bounce gif version Avatar BTT-Boobs (Baka to test)  Rias happy hips avatar gif 
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